A Winter’s Tale

Jesse Logan

Doug Chabot investigating the crown of a large avalanche on Henderson Ridge near Cooke City. It ran naturally the night before and Doug recalls it being super cold, “around 20 below as we skinned and booted up there.” © Beau Fredlund

For a gorgeous tour of the ABW in winter, complete with the risks and rewards,

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Jesse Logan

AB Atlas Associate and Map Editor Jesse Logan is a recognized authority on the condition of Greater Yellowstone's whitebark pine forests and the communities they support. After retiring in 2006 from a career in academia (Colorado State University and Virginia Tech.) and the US Forest Service (Rocky Mountain Research Station), he continues research and advocacy for high elevation ecosystems of the Greater Yellowstone. In summer he is a Contract Instructor for Yellowstone Forever, and is a backcountry ski guide during winter, working out of Cooke City, MT for Yellowstone Ski Tours and Beartooth Powder Guides.